Invoice Factory

The best and easy invoice program for you!
U can create with ease invoices by selecting pre-defined products and one of the pre-defined customers.
The amount of invoices you can create is unlimited.
In the Netherlands we use the High 21% and Low 6% Vat.
After you register, you can select a company logo, and fill in the necessary fields we put on the invoice for you.
You can create with ease credit-invoices by simpely adding a '-' minus sign in front of the amount.

Invoice Factory - The invoice program for you!

Getting started

First start with registering, You will recieve an email with instructions and an activation code..
Without this code you cannot activate your account.

What needs to be done

Before you can make invoices, we first need some information from you, For example the company name, Logo, VatNumber etc etc..
You can enter this information in the UserInformation tab once you have logged on